Roads, which lead into the future, do not seem such to us.

They become such when we start moving.

(Franz Kafka)

Have you decided to take a turn in a new direction? We are here to help you!


With your cooperation, Savchuk & Partner will design a training based on your specific needs. There is an extra advantage: it is the two of us who work at the concepts design stage. In addition, with our vast work experience in various fields, we feel comfortable both in West-European cultural space and former USSR republics.


Are you a top manager? Are you new to your job? Are you organizing a culture-related project? Is there an important decision to make? You can rely on our tailor-made coaching, based on creative approach!

  • Market info lookup
  • Рroduct concept design
  • Partner hunting
  • Support at negotiations, including those with partners from East-European countries
  • Moderation
  • Project Management
  • Change Management / Transformation /Corporate culture
  • Support of innovations at enterprises (incubator, pitch day, etc.)
  • Staff training and development topics
  • Building of business contacts within companies for best practice exchange
  • Project management (classical and flexible methods)
  • Presntation and moderation techniques
  • Change Management / Transformation /Corporate culture
  • Leader workshops
  • Inter-cultural communication
  • Creative approach techniques
  • Soft-Skills (including communication, conflict behavior, analysis, creative approach techniques)
  • Teambuilding
  • Classical business coaching
  • “Values and Reason for Living” coaching
  • Group coaching
  • On the Job coaching
  • Skype coaching
  • For young leaders
  • Middle age crisis coaching